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Our Software is now also available as a Cloud Application.

Action Seas

Fleet Management Software

Our Software is now also available as a Cloud Application.

• Operation Department
• Voyage Estimation
• Voyage Performance
• Workforce (Crew)
• Master General Account (MGA)
• Maintenance (Technical) Management
• Rest Hours
• Supply Chain Management
• Chartering Department
• Messenger
• i-Action Seas
The software is designed and supported by highly qualified and experienced team of programmers with experience in shipping companies.

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What We Offer

IT Services

Our IT services and solutions are designed and focused on the following principles:
To improve efficiency and productivity
To optimize cost
To ease of operation using technology

Optimizing Processes for Competitive Cost Control

We apply best practices to adapt, and where ever necessary re-engineer existing processes to ensure our solutions deliver competitive advantage to further enable effective cost control.

Our IT Services:

• Infrastructure Management Services
• Application Services including Production Support
• Business Process Outsourcing


Extended support, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Action Pc offers various support options: online, telephone, remote desktop, and email. You can benefit from maintenance support seamlessly integrated into your application. Each user can submit corrective requests or seek assistance directly from their working environment, specifying the level of urgency. Rest assured of a prompt response, as each application is centralized on an intranet, ensuring swift attention from all connected developers and consultants. Additionally, you will receive a tracking of your requests with a follow-up via email.

About us

Founded in 2006, Action-Pc is a leading software company in Greece, with a rich history dating back to 1995. Specializing in integrated computing solutions, we have established ourselves as a reliable choice for clients seeking efficient and tailored IT solutions. Our strategic partnerships with trusted suppliers like DELL, HP, IBM, and others ensure that we deliver top-notch hardware and software solutions.

At Action-Pc, we prioritize value and cost-effectiveness, providing genuine solutions for diverse computerization needs. Our extensive technical support services empower clients to choose the most convenient and effective methods, whether through on-site visits, telephone support, remote administration or contract-based services.

Guided by a forward-thinking philosophy, we consistently monitor hardware and software trends, identifying deficiencies and creating innovative products to meet customer needs. In addition to our core services, we’ve expanded our expertise to the shipping industry. Our qualified staff has developed the ‘Action Seas’ program, enhancing business processes for shipping companies by delivering precise fleet control, resulting in increased profitability and growth.

Choose Action-Pc for cutting-edge computing solutions, personalized service and a commitment to staying ahead in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

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